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Lawrie Beilin

Professor Beilin has been FiPP’s Chairman since it’s inception. He is also Emeritus Professor of Medicine at the University of Western Australia and a very keen and talented amateur photographer

Dale Neill

Dale, our Chief Steward, is a professional portrait photographer based in Fremantle, Western Australia. A former teacher, he conducts regular photography workshops around Australia

Sandy Chaney

Keen master amateur photographer Sandy is FiPP’s Administrator, keeper of the official minutes and all round executive guru

Peter Ramshaw

Our Webmaster and Treasurer, Peter, is a former journalist, editor and press photographer. He also has a dodgy qualification as a computer systems engineer, which he claims qualifies him to run our web presences


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FiPP: The photography award the World is coming to love




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4 September 2017

Long-list(s) announced for FiPP 2017

Congratulations to all those photographers making the long list! That is a worthy measure of success - the judges had the challenge of selecting these 500+ images from almost 1600 entries we received. To those who didn't make the long list, we thank you for your participation and your subsequent contribution to the Arthritis and Osteoporosis Association of Western Australia. As part of the entry process into FiPP 2017, images were automatically renamed to ensure anonymity. Entrants received a notification of the original file- name of their image AND the new code-name associated with it for the judging. That data is used below. SMART PHONE/MOBILE PHONE SECTION The judges have selected the following images as the top 30% entered in this section. The exhibition short-list (from which the overall winner will be chosen) will be drawn from these images: m_1_1,   m_8_1,   m_8_2,   m_8_3,   m_8_4,   m_20_1,   m_20_3,   m_20_2,   m_56_1, m_72_1,     m_99_1,     m_112_3,     m_157_1,     m_164_2,     m_179_1,     m_204_1, m_216_3,    m_216_1,    m_223_2,    m_258_1,    m_304_1,    m_332_2,    m_349_1, m_359_1,    m_392_1,    m_397_1,    m_403_1,    m_457_1,    m_556_1,    m_634_1, m_665_4,    m_671_1,    m_727_1,    m_732_3,    m_732_2,    m_732_1,    m_734_1, m_796_1, and m_803_1. The photographers responsible for the above images were: Nancye   Miles-Tweedie,   Goran   Jovic,   Mark   Gardiner,   Helga   Leunig,   Timothy Kennaway,   Tomasz   Dobrzanski,   Katherine   Binnie,   Ray   Ross,   Madelin   Love, Annabel   Seward,   Raoul   Slater,   Patricia   Wheel,   Johannes   Reinhart,   Robyn Macrae,   Susan   Moss,   Lynette   Alves,   Sheryn   Ellis,   Ginette   Hillman,   Dennis Tan,    Lindsay    Pow,    Casey    Edwards,    Janet    O'Brien,    Robyn    Hills,    Zorica Purlija,   Damon   Annison,   Lauren   Waye,   Zalira   Dalton,   Olivia   Vincent,   and Julie-Anne Buck. DIGITAL CAMERA/DEVICE SECTION (FiPP) The judges have selected the following images as the top 30% entered in this section. The exhibition short-list (from which the winner will be chosen) will be drawn from these images: c_6_1,    c_7_1,    c_7_4,    c_7_2,    c_7_3,    c_12_1,    c_13_1,    c_14_1,    c_15_1, c_17_1,   c_18_1,   c_26_3,   c_26_4,   c_33_2,   c_33_1,   c_34_1,   c_36_1,   c_36_3, c_36_4,   c_37_2,   c_37_3,   c_41_1,   c_41_3,   c_41_4,   c_43_3,   c_43_4,   c_44_1, c_44_3,   c_45_1,   c_47_1,   c_47_2,   c_47_5,   c_47_3,   c_48_4,   c_48_1,   c_48_2, c_49_2,   c_49_4,   c_49_3,   c_50_2,   c_52_3,   c_52_5,   c_52_1,   c_55_2,   c_55_3, c_58_2,   c_61_3,   c_66_1,   c_67_1,   c_67_4,   c_76_1,   c_78_1,   c_81_2,   c_83_1, c_83_2,    c_85_1,    c_91_1,    c_92_1,    c_98_1,    c_100_1,    c_101_3,    c_103_1, c_103_2,   c_105_1,   c_106_4,   c_106_1,   c_106_3,   c_108_1,   c_111_2,   c_113_4, c_113_2,   c_116_3,   c_116_4,   c_116_5,   c_116_2,   c_117_2,   c_117_4,   c_118_5, c_120_4,   c_127_2,   c_130_1,   c_135_1,   c_138_1,   c_140_2,   c_145_1,   c_146_1, c_148_3,   c_148_4,   c_148_2,   c_148_1,   c_148_5,   c_149_2,   c_150_1,   c_153_1, c_154_3,   c_155_1,   c_160_1,   c_161_2,   c_161_1,   c_162_1,   c_166_4,   c_167_1, c_168_2,   c_170_1,   c_174_1,   c_174_2,   c_175_2,   c_175_1,   c_175_3,   c_175_4, c_175_5,   c_176_1,   c_176_4,   c_177_2,   c_177_1,   c_178_2,   c_178_5,   c_178_3, c_178_4,   c_178_1,   c_182_2,   c_183_5,   c_185_1,   c_186_1,   c_187_4,   c_187_3, c_187_2,   c_188_4,   c_188_1,   c_188_5,   c_188_3,   c_188_2,   c_189_2,   c_189_1, c_189_5,   c_189_4,   c_189_3,   c_195_5,   c_195_1,   c_195_4,   c_200_2,   c_200_1, c_202_2,   c_209_1,   c_210_2,   c_213_3,   c_215_1,   c_218_1,   c_219_2,   c_220_5, c_221_1,   c_221_5,   c_222_4,   c_222_1,   c_222_2,   c_225_1,   c_229_1,   c_232_1, c_233_1,   c_234_5,   c_234_1,   c_234_3,   c_237_2,   c_237_3,   c_237_4,   c_237_1, c_240_2,   c_240_1,   c_246_2,   c_247_2,   c_247_3,   c_250_2,   c_250_1,   c_254_3, c_254_1,   c_256_1,   c_257_1,   c_257_2,   c_261_1,   c_262_1,   c_263_1,   c_264_3, c_264_4,   c_264_5,   c_265_1,   c_268_1,   c_270_1,   c_270_3,   c_272_1,   c_272_2, c_275_1,   c_276_1,   c_277_3,   c_279_5,   c_279_1,   c_279_3,   c_280_2,   c_281_1, c_283_5,   c_288_1,   c_290_1,   c_291_1,   c_292_1,   c_292_2,   c_293_2,   c_293_4, c_293_3,   c_295_1,   c_297_2,   c_297_3,   c_300_4,   c_301_1,   c_302_2,   c_302_1, c_303_1,   c_307_2,   c_307_1,   c_312_1,   c_315_3,   c_315_1,   c_315_2,   c_315_5, c_315_4,   c_316_3,   c_316_5,   c_316_4,   c_318_1,   c_319_1,   c_320_2,   c_321_1, c_324_1,   c_325_2,   c_327_3,   c_327_4,   c_327_2,   c_327_1,   c_328_1,   c_329_4, c_329_3,   c_330_3,   c_330_2,   c_330_4,   c_330_5,   c_330_1,   c_331_2,   c_333_1, c_334_5,   c_334_2,   c_334_1,   c_335_1,   c_336_2,   c_344_1,   c_346_1,   c_347_1, c_347_2,   c_348_2,   c_350_1,   c_350_2,   c_353_2,   c_353_1,   c_360_1,   c_361_1, c_361_2,   c_362_1,   c_363_1,   c_364_1,   c_367_1,   c_369_1,   c_370_1,   c_370_2, c_370_3,   c_370_4,   c_375_1,   c_376_1,   c_377_1,   c_378_1,   c_381_1,   c_383_4, c_384_2,   c_387_3,   c_388_2,   c_388_1,   c_388_4,   c_388_3,   c_390_1,   c_391_2, c_391_3,   c_395_1,   c_396_2,   c_396_1,   c_405_3,   c_406_1,   c_409_1,   c_416_1, c_418_1,   c_418_2,   c_419_1,   c_422_2,   c_423_2,   c_423_3,   c_423_1,   c_429_4, c_429_3,   c_429_2,   c_430_3,   c_430_1,   c_435_4,   c_435_3,   c_435_2,   c_435_5, c_435_1,   c_437_1,   c_437_4,   c_437_2,   c_440_2,   c_440_3,   c_443_1,   c_446_1, c_449_1,   c_451_3,   c_454_2,   c_454_3,   c_454_1,   c_454_5,   c_454_4,   c_461_1, c_466_3,   c_466_4,   c_466_1,   c_466_2,   c_468_1,   c_470_1,   c_472_2,   c_472_1, c_480_1,   c_482_1,   c_485_5,   c_485_2,   c_485_1,   c_491_1,   c_492_2,   c_493_1, c_495_3,   c_495_2,   c_499_1,   c_500_4,   c_500_5,   c_500_3,   c_506_2,   c_508_2, c_510_1,   c_513_1,   c_514_1,   c_515_1,   c_515_2,   c_515_4,   c_517_4,   c_517_3, c_518_4,   c_518_3,   c_523_2,   c_524_2,   c_527_1,   c_530_1,   c_536_2,   c_536_5, c_537_1,   c_544_1,   c_544_4,   c_550_1,   c_552_1,   c_553_2,   c_553_5,   c_559_1, c_562_1,   c_562_2,   c_562_3,   c_565_1,   c_567_5,   c_570_1,   c_571_2,   c_573_3, c_573_1,   c_573_5,   c_573_2,   c_573_4,   c_574_2,   c_576_1,   c_576_3,   c_582_2, c_585_2,   c_585_1,   c_589_1,   c_589_2,   c_590_4,   c_590_2,   c_593_4,   c_593_1, c_593_2,   c_596_1,   c_598_3,   c_600_2,   c_601_1,   c_601_2,   c_601_4,   c_601_5, c_601_3,   c_603_2,   c_604_1,   c_610_3,   c_615_1,   c_619_1,   c_621_2,   c_623_1, c_640_3,   c_640_1,   c_641_1,   c_641_2,   c_642_2,   c_648_2,   c_650_1,   c_655_1, c_655_2,   c_658_2,   c_658_3,   c_659_1,   c_661_1,   c_661_2,   c_662_2,   c_663_1, c_667_5,   c_667_3,   c_668_3,   c_669_1,   c_672_1,   c_673_1,   c_675_5,   c_675_3, c_675_4,   c_675_2,   c_676_2,   c_676_1,   c_677_1,   c_679_1,   c_681_1,   c_682_1, c_682_2,   c_685_1,   c_685_3,   c_691_1,   c_693_1,   c_696_2,   c_696_3,   c_696_4, c_696_1,   c_697_1,   c_699_1,   c_702_2,   c_705_1,   c_709_3,   c_710_4,   c_710_3, c_714_5,   c_714_1,   c_714_2,   c_715_5,   c_715_2,   c_720_1,   c_720_2,   c_723_1, c_725_1,   c_726_2,   c_728_3,   c_730_4,   c_735_1,   c_738_4,   c_738_1,   c_738_5, c_739_3,   c_739_1,   c_750_2,   c_750_3,   c_761_2,   c_762_4,   c_764_2,   c_764_3, c_766_1,   c_768_1,   c_769_1,   c_770_2,   c_770_3,   c_771_1,   c_771_3,   c_771_2, c_772_1,   c_773_2,   c_776_2,   c_776_3,   c_776_5,   c_776_4,   c_777_2,   c_781_2, c_781_3,   c_783_1,   c_786_2,   c_791_1,   c_792_1,   c_793_1,   c_802_2,   c_802_1, c_808_1, c_809_1, c_811_1, c_821_3, and c_826_1. The photographers responsible for the above images were: Alamsyah   Rauf,   Goran   Jovic,   Greg   Fisher,   Susan   Atkinson,   Grace   Costa, Adrian   Gimpel,   Cole   Maguire,   Kelsie   Clark,   Raymond   Phang,   Nevil   Hunter, Justine    Steine,    Sunghee    Knox,    Marc    Bowden,    Antonio    Tropiano,    Paul Bastian,   Paul   Cashman,   Kris   Anderson,   Stuart   Chape,   Mark   Greenland, Fui-Fong    Bosveld,    Helga    Leunig,    Ronald    Richards,    Georga    Mcmullen, Jodie   Deeley,   Christopher   Barry,   Roderick   Walker,   Corina   Bouweriks,   Matt Landy,    Kelly    Pilgrim-Byrne,    Peter    Law,    Dianne    English,    Kay    Cypher, Tomasz   Dobrzanski,   Neal   Berry,   Johannes   Reinhart,   Alistair   Dunlop,   Barry Feldman,   Samuel   Bloor,   Timothy   Bradshaw,   Shannon   Smith,   Kurt   Nigg, Alicia   Bowser,   James   Kerr,   Ancia   Wend,   Roger   Severn,   Gerry   Nugawela, Yong   Yao   Siong,   Skye   Johnston,   Margaret   Edwards,   Ian   English,   Justin Poor,   Patricia   Wheel,   Rebecca   Wiltshire,   Andrea   Francolini,   Blake   Parry, Graeme   Attey,   Barry   Lunn,   Sylvia   Cavanagh,   Abhishek   Bhadauria,   Vicki Bell,   Karen   O'Connor,   Liv   Stockley,   Eva   Schroeder,   Donna   Crebbin,   Craig Franke,   David   Lewinsohn,   Kerekes   Istvan,   Ronald   Dullard,   Rose   Meddings, Rosemarie   Woodrow,   Olivia   Vincent,   Kevin   Lucas,   Rodney   Clapp,   Rhonda Mcinnes,     Raoul     Slater,     Angela     Echanove     Hornos,     Justin     Fullarton, Jacqueline   Bawtree,   Rolando   Custodio,   Peter   Bowdidge,   Terence   Bogue, Robert   Cox,   Andrew   Lance,   Kirsten   Graham,   Kristina   Kitchingman,   Kerrie Di,    Deblank,    Farhad    Mobarra,    Frederick   Armstrong,    Shane    Baker,    Tom Shappard,     Steven     Perkins,     Ann     Leaver,     Christopher     Head,     Branko Petrovic,     Amy     Marshall,     Peter     Nicholls,     De-Anne     Strange,     Fiona Dalessandro,    Roberto    Spotti,    Madelin    Love,    Philip    Thompson,    William Ragan,    Denise    Williams,    Danny    Reardon,    Lynn    Gail,    Jenelle    Denford, Denise   Mcdermott,   Ricky   Gestro,   Michael   Kane,   Mark   Jones,   Bernadine Verschuren,   Constance   Hanscom,   Gregory   Boxshall,   Tania   Malkin,   John Benavente,   Filomena   Rizzo,   Kym   Illman,   Helga   Dalla,   Charles   Nadin,   Kay Hathway,    Irma    Ferreira,    Elesa   Astle,    Kenneth    Roxburgh,    Marla    Bishop, Susan   Moss,   Stephanie   Weir, Adrian   Konopnicki,   Leslie   Unsworth,   Margret Schell,    Joanne    Ward,    Lynette    Alves,    Claire    Brooks-Cole,    Nigel    Gaunt, Sheryl   Mauger,   Sheryn   Ellis,   Gail   Lynch,   Adam   Poll,   Renee   Smith,   Robyn Macrae,   Helena   Kristel,   Jean   Wilson,   Michael   Duffy,   Leslie   Granda,   Lori Sharkey,   Gary   Miles,   Richard   Goodwin, Alban   Vinevel, Astrid   Volzke,   Tricia Woodford,   Dennis   Tan,   Hank   Kordas,   Emiko   Monobe,   Jon   Brook,   Istvan Kerekes,   Lidia   D'Opera,   Helen   Newnham,   Stephen   Miles,   Steve   Sheddick, Beth   Baker,   Eduardo   Cobo,   Greg   Bilton,   Jason   Eagle,   Nic   Duncan,   Loraine Peatling, Amber   Scobie,   Carolyn   Carson,   Naomi   Reed,   Natalie   Ord,   Simone Cheung,    Liz    Barker,    Paul    Thompson,    Merlyn    Cantwell,    Viet    Van    Tran, Ebony     Frost,     Krystle     Ricci,     Alma     Sarhan,     Emma     Mcpherson,     Eva Fernandez,    Elizabeth    Mcphee,    Kellee    Mitchell,    Bell    Verdiglione,    Belle Verdiglione,   Tess   Oreilly,   Steve   Brown,   Gary   Beresford,   Jill   Smith,   Janet Craig,   John   Watson,   Tim   Grime,   Homan   Zandi,   Alex   Ham,   Mark   Piasecki, Shantilla   Piazzola,   Brian   Cassey,   Jean-Paul   Horre,   Graeme   Barrett,   Lori Cicchini,    Trish    Edwards,    Susi    Nodding,    Colleen    Sleer,    Lianne    Manley, Robyn   Hills,   Darren   Tynan,   Patrick   Halloran,   Conor   Smith,   Bill   Gekas,   Brett Tomlinson,   Amelia   O'Sullivan,   Peter   Waters,   Jenny   Utting,   Simon   Ross, Simone    Addison,    Kerry-Anne    De    Klerk,    Nicole    Wells,    Alice    Poli,    Carol Duncan,   Robert   Alla,   Michelle   Lucking,   Vikki   Siliato,   Kathy   Chapman,   Gaia Boranga,    Tanita    Seton,    Hilda    Bezuidenhout,    Lorraine    Maskell,    Colleen Irvine,   Ross   Swanborough,   Lauren   Crooke,   Isabella   Brown, Angela   Brown, Marcos   Silverio,   Janie   Barrett,   Sandy   Goddard,   Katya   Evdokimova,   Steven Cutts,   Stephen   Lobo,   Cecylia   Berriman,   Davina   Jogi,   Shaun   Fearn,   Jason Matz,   Ian   Farrell,   Ash   Charlton,   Vicki   Clark,   John   Upton,   Stephen   Corey, Nigel   Wesley,   Elle   Borgward,   Tina   Urie,   Zalira   Dalton,   Melissa   Anderson, Ferne    Millen,    Lisa    Ivandich,    Sandra    Lamonaca,    Robert    Van    Koesveld, Graham    Newman,    Julian    Boxriker,    Bhautikkumar    Rudani,    Charmaine Heyer,   Jennifer   Smith,   Peter   Rossi,   Behzad   Alipour,   Katsiaryna   Dali,   Nik Babic,    Gillian    Cumming,    Jonathan    Dass,    Mohammad    Hosseini,    Cherie Connor,    Cindy    Buchan,    Tamara    Whittle,    Trish    Woodford    Lauren    Waye, Graeme Ditterich, Bettina Jacoby-Ticehurst, and Glen Whisson. Countries still in the contest (15): Australia,   Croatia,   Germany,   Hungary,   India,   Indonesia,   Italy,   Netherlands, New   Zealand,   Samoa,   Singapore,   Spain,   United   Kingdom,   United   States   of America, and Vietnam. (NB: In the early stages of the 2017 entry period, FiPP’s servers experienced an issue that affected a very, very small number of entrants. These participants were contacted at the time and steps taken to correct any issues. However, there is a small chance an error could remain within the small group of people affected. Therefore, if you have any questions about your entries, please email our deputy steward direct HERE . He will attempt to assist you. Please send a clear message re any issues and a thumbnail or copy of any images involved. We apologise for any inconvenience).
The FiPP has attracted entries 52 countries in all. Amazingly, however, 2 of the 3 winners so far have come from Western Australia… (Image: Goran Jovic)
Anyone can enter FiPP. No convoluted rules, no age limit, no restrictions. If you’ve got access to a credit card or PayPal, you’re in… (Image: Tim Bradshaw)

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FiPP Rules & Regulations  Read the general rules and regulations of the award. Technical specs for entrieds will be posted in 2017. 2015 Exhibition Catalogue Get some idea of the variety of images that are chosen for FiPP fame by looking at last time. 2013 Exhibition Catalogue If you want more, there’s also a listing of all the shortlisted entries from the 2013 award. Our Judging Panel for 2017 Meet our judging panel: Lynn Whitfield King, Steve Wise and Greg James. Sign up Join FiPP’s mailing list to keep up to date with all the latest news and development.
Compete Test yourself against the world’s best or just your next door neighbour! Win Share in over $12,000 (AUS) in cash and prizes including a $5,000 cash first prize. Prestige Being short-listed for FiPP is a terrific advertisement you can use on your website or promotional gear. Practice FiPP provides valuable experience in how to prepare for and enter major photographic awards. Exposure FiPP’s website has received over 10 million hits and over 20,000 people have attended the exhibition.

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